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Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts!

Corgis up, Corgis down, Corgis sniffing all around.

Corgis here, Corgis there, Corgis flying everywhere.

Corgis drive me crazy, Corgis drive me nuts.

I love Corgis.... 'cause they have wiggly butts!

                                     by: Randi Holland '05   



What is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?

     The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a hardy little dog with very short legs.  His foxy head with pricked ears & bright eyes denotes alertness & keen intelligence.

     Pembrokes are surprisingly heavy for their size.  They have sturdy bones & strong muscles, yet they can move with astronishing speed & great agility.  They are often referred to as "a big dog in a small package."  These attributes came in handy on the Welsh farmland where the breed was developed primarily to herd cattle.  His job description has changed in modern times, however.  He now applies his cosiderable talents to being a top-notch companion animal.

     The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is included in the American Kennel Club (AKC)'s Herding Group, along with much larger breeds.  They compete very successfully at the AKC's conformation shows & other events.


General Appearance

     Low-set, strong, sturdily built & active, giving an impression of substance & stamina in a small space.  Outlook bold, but kindly.  Expression intelligent & interested.  Never shy not vicious.

     Correct type, including general balance & outline, attractiveness of headpiece, intelligent outlook & correct temperament is of primary importance.  Movement is especially important.  A dog with a smooth & free gait has to be reasonably sound & must be highly regarded.



     Height (from ground to the highest point on withers) should be 10-12 inches.

     Weight is in proportion to size, not exceeding 30 pounds for males & 28 pounds for females.

     Males:  20-30 pounds

     Females:  18-28 pounds

     Proportions:  Moderately long & low.  The distance from the withers to the base of the tail should be approximately 40 percent greater that the distance from the withers to the ground.

     The overall balance & outline, so important to correct breed type, are determined by the proportions of the height, length, thickness of bone & body weight.  Substance should neither be overdone nor racy. 

     It is the specific "moderately long & low" ratio that is an essential characteristic of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.



     The head should be foxy in shape & appearance.

     Expression:  Intelligent & interested, but not sly.

     Skull:  Should be fairly wide & flat between the ears.  Moderate amount of stop.  Very slight rounding of the cheek, not filled in nicely chiseled to give a somewhat tapered muzzle.

     Eyes:  Oval, medium in size, not round, nor protruding, nor deep-set & pig-like.  Set somewhat obliquely.  Variations in brown in harmony with coat color.  Eye rims dark, preferably black.

     Ears:  Erect, firm & of medium size, tapering slightly to a rounded point.  Ears are mobile, & react sensitively to sounds.

     Nose:  Black & fully pigmented.

     Month:  Scissors bite, the inner side of the lower incisors.  Level bite is acceptable.

     Lip:  Black, tight, with little or no fullness.



     Neck:  Fairly long.  Of sufficient length to provide overall balance of the dog.  Slightly arched, clean & blending well into the shoulders.

     Topline:  Firm & level, neither riding up to nor falling away at the croup.

     Body:  Rib cage should be well sprung, slightly egg-shaped & moderately long.  Deep chest, well let down between the fore legs.

     Tail:  Docked as short as possible without being indented.  Occasionally a puppy is born with a natural dock, which, if sufficiently short, is acceptable.  A tail up to 2 inches in length is allowed. 

     Correct neck length balances the body & contributes to the dog's smooth, even movement.  The dog's deep chest allows for plenty of lung space.  The tail is traditionally docked & gives a smooth, finished look to the dog.



     Legs:  Short, forearms turned slightly inward, with the distance between the wrists less than between the shoulder joints, so that the front does not appear absolutely straight.  Ample bone carried right down into the feet.  Pasterns firm & nearly straight when viewed from the side.

     Feet:  Oval, with the two center toes slightly in advance of the two outer ones.  Turning neither in nor out.  Dew claws on both forelegs & hind legs usually removed.



     Ample bones, strong & flexible, moderately angulated at stifle & hock.  Exaggerated angulation is as faulty as too little.  Thighs should be well-muscled.  Hocks short, parallel, & when viewed from the side are perpendicular to the ground.

     Feet:  As in front.

     The emphasis on bone & muscle & angulation reinforces the fact that the Corgi is a working dog.  Proper structure is necessary for the execution of whatever job the Corgi is given.



     Medium length short, thick, weather resistant undercoat with coarser, longer outercoat.  Over-all length varies, with slightly thicker & longer ruff around the neck, chest, & on the shoulders.  The body coat lies flat.  Hair is slightly longer on back of forelegs & underparts & somewhat fuller & longer on rear of hindquarters.  The coat is preferably straight, but some waviness is permitted.

     Color:  The outer coat is to be of self colors in red, sable, fawn, black & tan with or without white markings.  White is acceptable on legs, chest, neck (either in part or as a collar), muzzle, underparts & as a narrow blaze on the head.

     Gait:  Free & smooth.  Forelegs should reach well forward, without too much lift, in unison with the driving action of the hind legs.  The correct shoulder assembly & well-fitted elbows allow the long, free stride in front.  Viewed from the front, legs don't move in exact parallel planes, but incline slightly inward to compensate for shortness of leg & width of chest.  Hind legs should drive well under the body & move on a line with the forelegs, with hocks turning neither in nor out.  Feet must travel parallel to the line of motion with no tendency to swing out, cross over, or interfere with each other.  Short, choppy movement, rolling or high-stepping gait, closer or overly wide coming or going, are incorrect.  This is a herding dog, which must have the agility, freedom of movement, & endurance to do the work for which he was developed.



     Although the standard is limited in its description of the desired temperament of the breed, of course emotional stability, self-confidence & enthusiasm for life are of prime importance.  Curiosity, friendly, outgoing, intelligence, inventiveness, humor, sensitivity, trainability, loyalty & affection are all typical of a Corgi's wonderful mind.  An ideal Pembroke Welsh Corgi has an all-encompassing over-all balance.

     A well-bred Corgi sees the world as a pleasant, interesting place & its eager to explore strange situations & to meet new people.

     No Corgi is perfect.  A corgi built to the standard will be a healthy, cheerful & willing companion whether it is in the breed ring, competing in a performance event, working as a therapy or service dog, or just being someone's BEST FRIEND. 

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